Thesis: Implementation of Value Chain Management in Dell

Sample Thesis Paper

The study sought to assess the utility that Value Chain Management holds for organizations by making use of Dell as a case study. This was to be done in the context of the implementation of Value Chain Management to acquire a concrete understanding of the difficulties that Value Chain Management implementation holds. By doing so, the dissertation attempted to authenticate the justification for implementation of Value Chain Management. On a more broad level, the research sought to identify how value chain management serves to provide a competitive edge to an organization and what limitations organizations face in the implementation of value chain management. The research also sought to develop an understanding of how Dell implements Value Chain Management in its organizational infrastructure and areas in which Dell faces limitations and barriers in this implementation. This was to be followed by developing an understanding of how Dell attempts to counter them. The research brought the research questions to a concluding note by asking if Dell’s value chain management could be taken as a successful one.

The research initiated by providing a detailed context to the study during which a comprehensive elaboration of value chain management and value chain analysis was made. This was followed by an introduction to Dell in general before the presentation of the title of the study. Aims, objectives, and research questions were established at this point. The scope of the research was identified and the study then moved on to present the personal development objectives for the research. The disclaimer and the structure of the report were then presented. The study then went on to present the literature review which began with a preface into modern day business management practices and the increasing consumer market demands with regard to the value chain. The literature review then presented an elaboration of researches that addressed the intricacies of the implementation of the value chain before moving on to the concept of the organization as it comes across in the specific context of the value chain.

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