Thesis: Implementation Of Diversity In Workplace Plan

Sample Thesis Paper

Another challenge is the implementation of diversity in workplace plan. A top down approach is essential for the executive to act as role models in the success of workplace diversity. However, failure of the executive to commit to this is a drawback in the cooperation and participation of creating a culture conducive for the accomplishment of the organization’s plan.

 Successful management of diversity in the workplace is what most institutions that have embraced this concept strive for. However, this cannot only be realized through diversity training. The main challenge is to create and implement a strategy that creates a diversity culture and equally permeates all the departments of the organization.

Diversity is seen to reduce the cohesiveness of the group and result in increased employee turnover. Scenarios of absenteeism are common in organizations that were initially homogenously dominated (Robinson, 2006, p.65).

            In order to realize successful diversity in the workplace, solutions to its drawbacks need to be incorporated. Thus it is necessary to: ward of change resistance with inclusion by involving every employee possible in formulating and executing diversity initiatives in the workplace. This would create a sense of belonging as well as proper foster confidence amongst the workforce; promote diversity in leadership positions so as to provide visibility.

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