Thesis: Implementing Good Human Resource Policies

Sample Thesis Paper


The data collected from primary and secondary sources is evaluated to test the research hypothesis that implementing good human resource policies in organisations improves employee satisfaction thereby affecting customer satisfaction positively. The research questions supporting the research hypothesis are answered by examining data from primary and secondary sources. Data in the primary research is collected by survey questionnaires which were sent to employees of Toyota India and Ford India. Another set of questionnaires was also sent to selected customers of the two companies. The customers were selected on the basis of automobiles selected by them.

The two sets of questionnaires are designed to study the human resource policies implemented in the two organisations and the impact of human resource policies on employee satisfaction and the affect of employee satisfaction on customer satisfaction. The levels of employee and customer satisfaction in the two companies are compared to find out the impact of human resource policies on employee and customer satisfaction. The research hypothesis is tested in this chapter through the observation of data from primary sources. It should be noted that data collected from various sources during the research process has limitations which are outside the scope of this research.

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