Thesis: Implication of Global Warming on Amazon Rain forest

Sample Thesis Paper

Another aspect that merits consideration while aiming at reducing the implications of Global Warming on the Amazon rainforest is to research what can be done in order to do so. In the writing of this paper, countless researches were observed that elaborated on the current and prospective implications of Global Warming on the Amazon rainforest (Boyd), but hardly any were observed that detailed upon the measures that were required or could be taken (Botkins). The only text available on the preservation of the Amazon rainforest was that which pertained to how non-governmental environment protection agencies have carried out research into the implications of Global Warming and have observed a severe need for measures needed.

It can be inferred from the above discussion that the Amazon rainforest holds importance in a highly critical global context. Therefore, the need to address the issue is present on the same level. The rainforest is under increasing pressure as a result of Global Warming and while its massive geographical mass may enable it to withstand the implications of Global Warming for a period of time, the withstanding can only be trusted to last for a limited period of time after which the rainforest will have been undoubtedly collapsed.

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