Thesis: Implications of Absence of Basic Nutrition

Sample Thesis Paper

It is highly necessary to understand that the absence of basic nutrition is an element that has implications on all levels in the region where it is present. It affects individuals in all stages of their lives; from birth to death. The process starts with pregnancy where the malnourished mother does not manage to give birth to a child with an adequate weight, making the child weak and vulnerable to disease and ailments (Kracht & Schulz). As the child grows, the child is exposed to new scenarios that test the child’s body and strength of immunity, placing the child in more risk of acquiring a disease. If the child manages to survive through childhood, an already weak body brings the individual to experience more threats to health, which continue to take their toll on the malnourished body and eventually come to an end by bringing the individual to a premature death.

“Malnutrition causes well over ten million deaths in children under five years of age annually. Forty nine million children are wasted while another One hundred and seventy million are born underweight as a result of the malnutrition of the mother during pregnancy. Sixteen million children enter severe retardation while another fifty million suffer continuing brain damage as a result of iodine deficiencies” (Brundtland)

As a combined result of factors such as unemployment, inadequate sheltering as a substitute for the absence of housing, gender discrimination and low income scales, the quality of the nutritional status of a society can drop significantly (Duttaroy). The complication develops when malnutrition comes forth as a cyclic effect with relation to poverty. Not only does poverty contribute to the incidence of malnutrition but the incidence of malnutrition in turn causes the further prevalence of poverty.

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