Thesis: Implications of Breast Cancer

Sample Thesis Paper

We can therefore surmise that there are different types of examinations for breast cancer ranging from mammography to self examination. The number of types of breast examination can be taken to be proof of the fact that it is very important that women, especially women in risk categories, to undertake one or the other type of breast examination with considerable frequency.

With regard to the impacts of breast cancer, we can surmise from the degree of concern that is given to the detection and prevention of breast cancer that the implications of breast cancer are of a nature that make it worthy of being given all this attention. Perhaps one of the main reasons because of which breast cancer is given such a degree of concern is the fact that it is a form of cancer that can cause death without the shadow of a doubt if it is not diagnosed at an early enough phase in the development of the cancer. Besides these, it is also a side effect of the treatment of breast cancer that the patient more than often has to be exposed to radiation that serves to worsen the condition of the patient even further.

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