Thesis: Implications of the Cuban Revolution

Sample Thesis Paper

It is commonly known that of the many implications of the Cuban revolution, the most profound was the one that pertained to the position of women in Cuba. Before the turn of events that led to the Cuban revolution in 1959, Cuban women were subjected to extensive stereotyping. Their relevance in the country was considered to be similar to that found in the underdeveloped societies of Latin America where division and discrimination based on gender is considered to be a part of the everyday lives of the people.

The Cuban women was considered to be nothing more than an instrument that was meant to be a partner to her husband and a fundamental home maker. With limited rights and even more limited attention to improvement or provision of rights, the Cuban woman was considered to do nothing more except sacrifice her happiness and health in order to carry out her role as a home maker (Cuban Solidarity.Org). The idea of a Cuban woman taking on a career or engaging in society through a professional role was considered to be a highly unorthodox and inappropriate thought.

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