Thesis: Implications of an Economy caused by Movement of Goods

Sample Thesis Paper

The implications of an economy caused by the movement of goods and/or labor over a long distance and that over a short distance are quite different (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 2008). Also, the reason because of which the goods and/or labor are being moved also plays a significant role in the implication that the movement has on the economy. When transportation of goods and/or people from one point in a region to another point within the same region occurs, the implications can be quite different for an economy as compared to the process of transportation of goods and/or people from one region to another region.

For instance, it is clear that an aircraft that flies from one city to another within the same country will be carrying passengers who will be primarily comprise of commuters who shall be moving for the purpose of short term trips that are meant either for pleasure (Williams & Miller, 2003), or a brief meeting that is meant for business purposes. On the other hand, an aircraft that flies from one country to another can be expected to carry passengers who are either travelling to another region for the sake of a long vacation, or for a business meeting that is meant for strictly business purposes. Although the same carrier can be used for local as well as for non-local transport, the merchandise being carried can vary greatly in nature because of the target region to which it is travelling. We can therefore concur that transportation does not merely allow the working elements of an economy to function simultaneously and to interact with each other in their functioning but also allows one economy to establish a business with another economy in a relationship that can be feasible for both economies.

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