Thesis: Implications of Information Technology on Businesses

Sample Thesis Paper

Perhaps the most profound implications of Information Technology as a result of which each employee is now capable of functioning as an independent workstation regardless of the employee’s physical presence (Hearn, 2004). This is brought about as a result of increased communication and increased adaptability to innovations as a result of Information Technology. The reason that makes innovations in Information Technology highly significant is that they can be tailored for the individuals who have to use Information Technology powered products and applications (Lucas, 2001).  We can therefore surmise that Information Technology has become a highly imperative part of the modern day workplace and has become an equally crucial determinant of the success of the modern day workforce.


We can conclude from the discussion presented above that Information Technology does not only have an impact on the manner in which modern day businesses are carried out but also has a major influence on the manner in which modern day professionals function. It would not be unjustified to conclude that in cases where professionals are not making use of Information Technology, there is an immense degree of potential that remains to be tapped and made use of. Information Technology allows professionals to make use of otherwise traditional elements of their professional lives to develop the manner in which they carry out their day to day operations.

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