Thesis: Implications of Malnutrition in Underdeveloped Countries

Sample Thesis Paper

Causes & Implications of Malnutrition in Underdeveloped, Developing and Developed Countries

It has been observed in the case of children born in developing countries with issues pertaining to the provision of adequate nutrition that there are high vitamin A deficiencies as well as deficiencies of sulfur and selenium (Duttaroy). This causes children to acquire illnesses such as measles and diarrhea. In other cases, serious iodine deficiencies have also been observed which often result in delayed development of the brain and cause mental retardation to take place. In the cases where Iron deficiency takes place, the child ends up being unable to cope with high levels of stress and hampers the child’s ability to coordinate his/her concentration.

Malnutrition caused by absence of adequate nutrition generally takes place as a result of high rates of poverty as well as because of the unrealized significance of women in society, low weight births as a result of inadequate pregnancy procedure handling, extremely high population density increase rates, unhealthy child care practices, uncontrolled increase in urbanization rate and inadequate healthcare facilities (Kracht & Schulz). The incidence of malnutrition as a result of the absence of adequate nutrition does not merely have implications on almost every organ of the human body but as a direct result, has implications on almost every segment of the society in which the absence of proper nutrition prevails.

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