Thesis: Implications of Recession on Johnson Arabia

Sample Thesis Paper

The next stage was the identification of the research methodology in which different research approaches were discussed before moving on to the establishment of the approach that was most suited to the study. Different data collection techniques were also discussed along with a discussion on the limitations of the research.

It was observed through the survey findings that the responses given by the respondents could be placed along a categorization in which the implications of the recession on Johnson Arabia and the measures taken by the company could be perceived as those that were internal and external in nature.

In light of the primary findings, the recession influenced Johnson adversely through a deceleration in growth of the core construction market. The halting of ongoing projects and shelving of projects that were in the pipeline caused a decreased need for rental services for products such as those provided by Johnsons Arabia. The implications of the recession on the company were no doubt ones that registered with the company as those of a severe nature. While all responses acquired showed that the recession had served to bring forth a downward trend in the industry, numerous dissimilarities were observed between the responses given by the respondents in numerous areas.

Firstly, the recession was observed to be one that realigned the organization in a manner with risk management and stringency in policies but served to create internal unrest according to the sales and area manager. Externally, the company became all the more cautious in its dealings while internal measures were taken in the form of increased aggression towards business leads. However, while no internal cutbacks in salaries were introduced, the regular bonus plans were not fully followed.

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