Thesis: Implications of Ultrasound

Sample Thesis Paper

A common implication as a result of this activity is that changes in cell suspension are observed (Aljarboua, 2008). Research has indicated that a relationship exists between the implosion of cavities as a result of ultrasound and the suspended fluid of the cell in which the implosion took place. The heat produced is usually dissipated in the body’s regular circulation system and can even be brought into productive and therapeutic uses if it is controlled.

It is of the utmost importance to highlight at this point that in functions such as lithotripsy and the like, the application of ultrasound becomes a highly sensitive matter and is applied with respect to the degree of sustenance of the patient. In cases where anesthesia is not an available option because of any reason, the patient cannot be subjected to a high degree of pulse. In the event that the patient is subjected to a degree of pulse of the ultrasound waves that is more than the patient’s actual degree of bearing, there may be implications such as the detection of blood in the urine or the sensation of a hard blow being delivered to the region where the intensity of the ultrasound was over applied.

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