Thesis: Importance of Amazon Rainforest for the Eco System

Sample Thesis Paper

Additionally, if the current Global Warming trends continue, there is a considerable chance that parts of the Amazon rainforest will lose their status as a rainforest and will instead take on the form of a tropical Savanna forest. Bruno Calixto, a specialist in Global Warming from Amazonia reflects that this factor holds importance because the presence of the Amazon as a rainforest is critical for the global eco system. Reducing it to a tropical Savanna forest will disable the Amazon from adequately contributing to the eco-system. Furthermore, the seemingly minor rise in temperature can contribute to a significant increase in the frequency of forest fires (Calixto).
This can be expected to lead to significant deforestation and an increase in the number and intensity of subsequent droughts in the Amazon rainforest. Deforestation will not only cause the Amazon rainforest to literally perish into nothingness, but will also cause the animal species that inhabit the Amazon rainforest to migrate into regions that are not as suitable for continued or elongated survival. The Amazon rainforest presents the wet tropical forest scenario that is ideal for numerous forms of wildlife. The Amazon rainforest houses countless species of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles; many of which are rare to the rainforest. It can be inferred from the above discussion that the implications of Global Warming on the Amazon Rainforest are of a considerably severe nature. It was observed that the Amazon rainforest is particularly vulnerable to the implications of Global Warming because it is exposed to numerous other external variables besides Global Warming; therefore, putting it under considerable pressure. Forest fires and the expansion of cities alone are threatening the Amazon rainforest and a little chance for survival remains while the implications of Global Warming are added to the picture. (Boyd).

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