Thesis: Importance of family

Sample Thesis Paper

The family serves as the basic unit of society and is therefore generally the first interface to which health problems in a society are exposed. Christensen (2004) asserts that the family serves as the determinant of daily patterns and actions that the individuals in the family carry out. The family therefore plays a significant role as a unit of society in deterring what elements of society the members of the family are exposed.

The family unit contributes to the maintenance of healthcare in the form of a system through the tendency of the family unit to establish routines and mutually recognized patterns of behavior of daily life. According to Christensen (2004) a family traditionally chooses to give health care a specific and unique focus of attention. The role of the family as a system to promote family health care also comes into play when considered in light of the fact that the system serves to dictate norms followed for food distribution, ratio between consumption of home-cooked food and pre-cooked food bought from outside and involvement in the care of elderly family members as well as involvement in the care of children.

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