Thesis: Importance of Human Resource Management

Sample Thesis Paper

The literature review covers the basic concept of human resource management and the importance of human resource management in various organisations in context of today’s competitive business environment where employees form a major asset of organisations. Various human resource theories and concepts discussed above are based on various books, previous researches, journal articles and articles from periodicals which provide a firm base for carrying out main research in this area. The human resource managers are involved in various activities catering to the needs of the organisation and employees and acting as a bridge between the organisation and the workers. The performance of human resource managers is assessed through the level of morale of employees, job satisfaction, employee turnover and loyalty of workers.

The various techniques used to achieve employee satisfaction discussed in this chapter include job security, growth, benefits, level of stress and recognition in the organisation, compensation and overall objective of the organisation. The various techniques of achieving customer satisfaction are also highlighted in the literature review which include trustworthiness, meeting customer demands, reducing time between ordering and receiving, easy accessibility of products and overall product image. The interdependencies of company profits on customer satisfaction; of customer satisfaction on employee satisfaction and of employee satisfaction on effective human resource policies are explained. These interrelationships are reviewed to emphasise the importance of effective human resource management to achieve employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and eventually higher profitability of the company.

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