Thesis: The Importance of Managing Human Resources

Sample Thesis Paper

Countries like India, China, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan are among the countries which rely quite heavily on human resources for production and efficient accomplishment of goals. Recent years have seen quite a large number of companies outsourcing their businesses to these countries or establishing plants and factories to take advantage of the cost effective labour in these countries. In order to benefit completely from the low cost human resources the management of these companies need to realise the impacts of globalisation and the significance of localising to the environment of these countries (McCourt and Eldridge 2003).

In order to become active corporate members of societies like China and India, companies need to focus on the cultural, religious, ethnic and social norms prevalent in these countries and formulate human resource policies based on these norms. In order to motivate local employees and increase their level of satisfaction they need to be moulded in ways through which they can personally relate to the company and not feel alienated. The need for devising human resource policies in countries where human resources are abundant increases as more and more companies establish factories and plants in these countries and the corporate environment becomes more competitive.

The importance of managing human resources and implementing good policies in companies is implied above. The current research will focus on implementing these policies in companies to improve the level of employee satisfaction which in turn improves customer satisfaction level and eventually perks up profits. The current research focuses on automobile manufacturing companies in India to analyse how companies implement good policies of human resources to improve employee satisfaction. The two companies selected from the automobile industry are Toyota India and Ford India.

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