Thesis: Importance of Stable Psychological Environment

Sample Thesis Paper

In my opinion the best way to use funds to stop this form of abuse is to open a center for these teens where they can divert their energies and receive a positive environment. It has been said that a stable psychological environment is imperative for the development of these teens. It is important that they have relations and a learning environment where they can see the benefits of positive values and make decisions which can better their quality of life. I believe that it is important to consider that in many homes the use of alcohol is demonized rather than explained. Instead of educating teens to the dangers, they are simply restricted. Moving away from this form of education would be my primary step. I believe that providing them with an environment which can help them make the right decisions for their lives as well as a place where they can relax and be themselves and not feel pressured by their academics or their familial obligations would go far in helping them establish themselves as useful members of society.

The center would also provide a place where teens who have been the victim of the consequences of alcohol abuse such as addiction, injuries, accidents, date rape and suicide as well as familial and academic problems can find solace without any need for finances or prejudgments. Most centers like this exist but have preconditions which exclude individuals who they perceive to be a risk. This center would provide a haven for them to recover from their problems without any form of repercussion or rejection.

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