Thesis: Importance of Store Management

Sample Thesis Paper

The analysis of the various types of customers that tend to shop at Hobbs depicted that the customers consider store ambiance, its environment, theme and layout. The Hobbs retail company has realized this and an effort has been made by the management to change the look and the feel of the store by employing a walnut and white interior in their stores to make them more fashionable and trendy.  “When retail organizations make a major shift from an old-fashioned merchandise management orientation to a strategic marketing orientation, the development of a functional marketing plan for the implementation of strategic plan gains in importance” (Samli, 1998, p2)

Other retailers in their business have also taken to store management and the management of store ambiance to further foot traffic in their stores and increase profits through sales revenue. “Starbucks, Pottery Barn, Eddie Bauer, Sunglass Hit, Putomayo and Old Navy have started to focus on music with the introduction of their own compilation CD’s. To create the right in-store experience, it is necessary to choose this music very carefully. This is an enormous opportunity to add value by adding meaning. Music may be the single most important device for delivering meaning to the retail environment and the retail environments ability to deliver meaning to the brand” (McCracken, 2005, p187-188)

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