Thesis: Importance of the Study of Human Communication

Sample Thesis Paper

While human communcition in terms of symbolic interaction may appear to be an extensively vast area to study, the study of rhetoric frequently borrows from it. During the course of writing this paper, this student came across a number of publications on the study of rhetoric and the need for the study of human communication was highlighted as an integral component of this study by most of the publications considered and consulted. It is because of the same reason that rhetoric is often considered as a specialization for communication studies by modern day universities.

Some scholars have chosen to associate the study of rhetoric more closely with the study of linguistics; however, doing so does not serve to cause any decrease in the importance of the study of human communication for the study of rhetoric. This is because of the fact that the study of linguistics does not allow sufficient coverage of non-verbal communication while the study of communication comes across as extensively facilitating in the same regard.

Modern day marketing practices can be taken as an example of how the inability to exercise effective communication can hinder the process of persuastion; hence effectively bringing the study of human communication as a pre-requisite to the study and subseqent practice of rhetoric.

It can be surmised from the above discussion that the study of human communication is essential to carry out an effective study of rhetoric. The need to carry out effective persuasion through techniques such as assonance, metaphor, tautology and the like requires an understanding of how to effectively bring the target audience to consider the point being made while bringing forth the relevance of the same. A need to understand the audience and their priorities arises as essential in this regard. Hence, the paper can be brought to a concluding note with an affirmation of the thesis statement that it is essential to study human communication before rhetoric can be effectively studied.

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