Thesis: Importance of Transportation

Sample Thesis Paper

But apparently its benefits far surpass the negative criterions that transportation poses, after goods cannot be delivered in time if they go walking, or moving from one country to the other would be virtually impossible if it were not for transport.  The importance of Transportation can be clearly detected from the fact that the economy of transportation depends on the supply and demand curve of transportation to see which supersedes which and how the demand of which category of transportation runs parallel to the supply of goods. Forecasting as well lays claim to the importance of transportation. Trip Generation is in fact the first step in the four step Forecasting process which is followed by Destination Choice, Mode Choice and Route Choice.

This four step process is used mainly to forecast travel demands. Fact of the matter is every trip has two ends or rather two destinations, one where the trip begins and the other where it ends. Forecasting determines the knowledge of what these two destinations are. Furthermore transportation is divided depending on the activities or lifestyles of certain people, transportation according to residential and non residential zones, the various routes etc. The example of an airport to be a scenario where multiple forms of the modes and means of transport can be seen as one of the few scenarios where transportation does not simply take place from what can be referred to as one physical address to another physical address, but within the same address as well. An inter-airport taxi may carry people from one gate to the other within the same building and pipes from the storage unit may supply an aircraft parked in the hanger with fuel.

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