Thesis: Incorporated Flexibility for Outsourcing

Sample Thesis Paper

In cases where the outsourcing operation entails the production of mechanical parts that are to be assembled into a complete unit at a later stage, it becomes very important to take the outsourcing agent’s flexibility to adapt into account. A perfect example can be found in the case in question where helicopter production is not always carried out in mass produced units and clients often require helicopters built to customized specifications. In such scenarios, the outsourcing agent should be willing to exercise technical adaptability. In the event that the outsourcing agent is unwilling to exercise technical flexibility, it will be extremely difficult for the company to deliver customized units to the end user. In such cases, it becomes extremely convenient if the outsourcing agent is willing to produce and deliver customized parts which can then be assembled into custom built units.

It can be observed that the presence of this particular attribute of the outsourcing agent can play a pivotal role for the company since it may result in the provision of a competitive advantage to the same. It will allow the company to provide its clients with a service that it will have difficulty in providing unless the outsourcing agent agrees to be supportive and flexible in this regard.

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