Thesis: Increased awareness of business ethics due to Enron Scandal

Sample Thesis Paper

Needless to say, the publicizing of the Enron Scandal led to a heightened increase in the application and regulation of business ethics. The debate upon how to ensure that an organization was functioning with adherence to moral principles became the headline of almost every business journal and still remains in the first few pages of various business ethics journals. It is important to note here that it is not a one dimensional functioning of the business that business ethics is concerned with, but spans the internal and external functioning of the organization multilaterally. It is for the same reason that it is strongly suggested in the modern day business world that an organization that wishes should succeed should ensure that a business ethics program is established and is integrated into the corporate culture of that organization.

The executives of Enron were declared to have been guided by sheer selfishness in their desire to make profits, and as The Intellectual Activist notes, the senior executives seemed to believe that the only one code of business ethics was to make as much money as we can without going to prison (Tracinski, 2002). We can derive from this observation of the Enron Scandal that while the executives were motivated by greed to gather money and to take away undeserved profits and monetary rewards, they also ended becoming a part of a downward spiral out of which it was impossible from them to recover.

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