Thesis: Increased Marketing of Prescription Drugs

Sample Thesis Paper

On the other hand, the increased marketing of prescription drugs through the electronic and print media is not without its significant disadvantages. Prescription drugs are only provided upon a doctor’s prescription because of their high degree of sensitivity and while it may seemingly appear that the increased advertisement of a prescription drug will have no implications for the company, the increased advertisement actually serves to stimulate consumer demand for their drug from doctors (Veracity, 2005). Doctors are faced with the ordeal of knowing that there is very little commitment that the patient will give to the treatment unless the patient is prescribed the drug of his/her choice and are therefore in a position where they have to prescribe the drug that the patient demands.

It is evident from the above brief discussion that the increased advertisement of prescription drugs has more direct adverse implications than it has positive affects since the increase in knowledge ends up being translated into a tendency to consume drugs that are either not required in the first place or not the best ones for the treatment in question.

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