Thesis: The increased road accidents

We kindly wish to convey our appreciations for the effort and the commitment that you have demonstrated in the management of the town in the last two years. We must admit that your recent effort to fight against drug and substance abuse have borne fruits.

The numbers of crimes within the streets have gone down and security is improving. However, while the rest of social vices are on the decline the roads have become the execution tower for many of the pedestrians as well as motorists. In the last one year sixty thousand innocent people have lost their lives on the streets due to road carnage within the town.

It is estimated that this was an exponential increase from an average of thirty thousand fatalities a year ago. Over and above the fatalities there are survivors who sustain injuries. At tines the injuries may take a long time before the victim resumes back to his normal way of life.    This emerging trend is threatening, traumatizing and needs to be condemned. According to the department of traffic, the real cause of this road carnage is yet to be resolved, however, various source provides a clear hint of the cause of the increased accidents on the roads.

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