Thesis: Increasing Consumer Market Demands & Value Chain

Sample Thesis Paper

“The primary objective of any business organization is to create and deliver Value to all its stakeholders. Delivering value to the customer and in turn creating sustainable value for all its stakeholders has been the focus of all business organizations worldwide. Researchers and mangers have developed multiple tools and practices to enhance value delivery. Effective value chain management has been acknowledged as primary for the sustainability of competitive advantage of organizations” (Shankar & Banwet, 2008).

Furthermore, the market also demands that these continuous changes are brought into use and utilized for the opportunities that they hold. As consumers continue to demand increased innovation, more quantity and exceptional quality for lower prices, product and service providers are forced to come out of the box in running their businesses. It is because of this reason that organizations are forced to respond more effectively and efficiently to the needs of modern day business. The fact that every business has the un-tampered opportunity to develop and implement new techniques to increase productivity serves to bring forth a landscape in which each player is restricted in potential by only its own degree of commitment to development and positive change.

However, one element that remains uniformly present in all of these development strategies is that all of them are built on the same basic value chain model. This basic model has two constituents; the first part is based on the activities that are concerned with production process (Walters & Rainbird, Cooperative innovation: a value chain approach, 2007). This includes elements such as raw materials, skilled labour required, logistical support required, assembly and the like. The second constituent is that which covers the activities associated with the selling process of the finished product. This part incorporates operations such as those that have to be carried out to acquire a customer, the logistical support required to transport the product to the consumer, the requirements of the transaction, resources required for adequate distribution and the like.

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