Thesis: Indian culture and Genders

Sample Thesis Paper

A man and a woman were forced out of a public bus, attacked and assaulted merely because one was a Hindu and the other a Muslim and had exchanged a few polite words with each other. Such an attitude has forced people from other religions, living in India, to either hide their religions and act as Hindus, or remain in their shells, not expecting any kind of favors from the dominant group. Religious and racial issues are dominant not only in India, but exist in modern societies too.

The harassment of the famous actress Shilpa Shetty by a co actor on a UK based show is an example. If a renowned public figure is not safe from racial discrimination, then how can others be? Color of the skin is another factor that plays a part subconsciously in prejudiced minds. More attention and favors are bestowed upon the fairer than the darker.

All the above cultural aspects figure prominently in India, as would be apparent to an outsider after only a glimpse at their television shows and movies. This is despite the fact that the majority is trying to move towards a westernized way of life.

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