Thesis: Indian Culture

Sample Thesis Paper

India has a thousand ethnic groups, castes, and religions. The interaction between the castes is restricted. Those belonging to the upper level in the hierarchy do not like to mingle with those belonging to the lower level.

Certain upper-caste Indians who are very conscious and more superstitious do not even like the shadow of the lower-caste ‘untouchables’ to fall on them as that would bring them bad luck. The concept of rebirth is popular and deeply entrenched in the Indian psyche, and ideals about good and evil, reward and punishment all revolve around this idea of re-incarnation. These attitudes are changing among educated modern Indians who do not regard adherence to the caste system as mechanisms of social control anymore. (Béteille, 1991),

People from different religions living in India face many hardships. Due to the worsening religio-political scenario, especially in India, interacting with a Muslim is considered almost a sin. This is evident from a recent incident.

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