Thesis: The Inductive Approach

Sample Thesis Paper

The Inductive Approach

In the inductive approach, the research is carried out in a manner such that a fundamentally qualitative research methodology is employed upon a case study that may initially appear to be unique and individual in its own right but is subjected to generalization at later stages of the research (Hatch, 2002). In this way, the inductive approach seeks to acquire a clear, thorough and complete knowledge of the intricacies that pertain to a small and otherwise specific case and then generalize the findings and understandings from that case to the larger picture.
The Deductive Approach

In the deductive approach, the process carried out is one in which the qualitative analysis performed upon a larger scenario is generalized in a manner such that it becomes applicable upon a more specific setting (Yin, 2003). The deductive approach generally makes use of a broad theoretical framework which is analyzed for its intricacies and is used to conclude upon a specific hypothesis that can be subjected to evaluation and subsequent testing for its validity.

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