Thesis: Industrial Production index

Sample Thesis Paper

As the name suggests this is the economic indicator which deals with the results of the industrial production of that economy. As we all know industries plays a major role in the economy of a country and the industrial sector is a major stakeholder in the improvement of an economy. The industry helps the economy in manufacturing the required goods that are in demand of that nation and apart from that it also helps in producing those items that are in demand by the foreign countries and hence generating valuable foreign exchange for the country.

The industrial production index measures the total output of the manufacturing sector, by manufacturing goods we means that the tangible products the physical form of products that were produced during that course of year. How the industrial production index could be an indicator for recession the answer to this question is quiet simple that if the industrial production index is low this means that the industry is not in good shape and they are not performing up to their potential and if the IPI is on the higher side of the graph is would mean that the industry is on the right track and no further actions are required (Farago 2002).

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