Thesis: Infant Mathematics-A Study

Sample Thesis Paper

The study conducted by Clearfield and mix was extensive and they made it to consider more factors. They thus were able to distinguish between the habituated factors and those which were not.

According to Antell and Keating, very young infants of 3 days of age were able to distinguish objects on the basis of cardinalities. It should be noted that cardinalities is based on sets rather than on property of the objects. Although they manage to base their studies on Cardinality, it was very difficult for the infants to discriminate objects when it came to high valued cardinalities. They did not distinguish the objects presented to them when it happened that the sets were four, six or more. This proves that the results the two researchers got were not reliable since they faced limitations.

Since Clearfield and mix found out that there were limitations in Antell and Keating study, they had to consider other factors to make their results more reliable. They thus had to consider contour length and number so that they could outdo the limitation of small size sets.  This study has been supported by so many other researchers who are not able to criticize their findings. After other researchers consider the factors the two earlier researchers considered, it is evident that their results are more reliable.  They have not faced many limitations and thus their findings are effective.

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