Thesis: Infant Mathematics-Study shows infant lose Interest

Sample Thesis Paper

Clearfield and mix conducted a study to determine the mode infants discriminated their ideas. They had two variables to consider namely contour length and number which were varied considerably in order to make conclusions (409). According to Wynn, Antell and Keating, it is noted that infants are used to habituation with interest getting lost as they continually get used to items presented to them (697). This implies that as infants continually view items presented to them, they continually lose interest. They will have low interest in looking at the objects and will only view at the items for shorter and shorter periods compared to the longer period they will view new objects presented to them.

Considering the study conducted by Clearfield and mix, they came to the conclusion that infants in deed base their discrimination on habituation but the habituation is depended on some factors. In their study, they considered contour length and number and it was found that the dishabituation by the infants was more noticed as contour lengths changed but not the numbers. This drove them to the conclusion that discrimination by the infants was depended on habituation but their results were a bit more elaborate. This is because they came to the conclusion that discrimination was based on contour length and any other factors closely related to contour length but not on number.

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