Thesis: Inferences Regarding the Causes of First World War

Sample Thesis Paper

It is apparent from the above discussion that it was the onset of numerous alliances that caused the occurrence of World War I. Countries that were bystanders were pulled in on account of the loyalties and treaties that they had developed in the past with their allies and had no option but to engage in battle in order to protect their allies.

Security issues were raised and certain countries had no other option but to engage in battle simply in order to prevent being captured and becoming part of the collateral damage of the war. This incident continued in the form of a chain reaction which led to the development of a scenario where countries reluctant toward drawing arms had to undertake aggressive roles in battle.

In essence, these had resulted in the development of a highly complex network of alliances across the globe. It would therefore be fair to bring this paper to a conclusion with the statement that these alliances, while initially put into place in an attempt to acquire a state of balance in terms of power, took on a military role upon the subjection of threats.

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