Thesis: Influence of Information Technology on Work Domains

Sample Thesis Paper

Information Technology has had direct implications upon how business is being carried out in modern day society and it would not be unjust to surmise that it is the advent of Information Technology that distinguishes the modern day world from its preceding form. In transforming the way that business is performed, Information Technology has contributed extensively to the revamping of work domains.

Professionals make use of Information Technology solutions to ensure that they are always in contact with their clients as well as their stake holders. Information Technology has allowed professionals to carry out self-assessment procedures to determine areas where mistakes are being made and imperative time is being wasted (Allen & Morton, 1994). Modern day business men use Information Technology to develop their CRM strategies while consumers make use of Information Technology to acquire information when they need it and wherever they need it. Information Technology has served to increase effectiveness while increasing accountability, hence serving to increase convenience at all ends of the value chain.

Information Technology allows those who choose to take advantage of it to carry out centralization as well as decentralization as per their needs and requirements (O’Toole, Lawler, & Meisinger, 2007). It increases accessibility to otherwise inaccessible information while allowing users to be confident of security and privacy.

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