Thesis: Information Integration in Value Chain Management

Sample Thesis Paper

Sharing the information with other departments is very important and value chain management is meaningless if total information is not shared among all the related elements of a supply chain. This aspect required multi levels of information which ranges from operational information to strategic levels. Operational information includes capacities and workloads, however strategic information includes mission, vision and the objective statements of the organization. A web-based database can be a viable option for sharing the information and through a centralized server the sharing of information can be accessible and interactive. Each link of the supply chain will be linked with the other one and all the related elements of the supply chain would evaluate the efficiencies and performance of all the other links.

This information element is very critical that is the reason why this information network must not be exposed to other elements outside the supply chain. Other elements that are located outside the supply chain are direct and indirect competitors. The information is evaluated by different departments and it is utilized by departments like planning, scheduling, marketing and sales. This utilization of the supply chain would generate specific planning and scheduling schedules for the organization at the end of the entire supply chain process (Lambert 2008).

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