Thesis: Information Management

Sample Thesis Paper

As for the opinions discussed so far it is considered it unwise for management to let someone else manage all of their information systems processes. Information management and information systems (whether computerized or not) are indeed the core competence of almost every business in the information age. With the increasing embodiment of information management into software, the control over information systems remains one of the essential managerial functions that an organization should not fully abdicate. However there is still another side to this story that needs to be considered. In the year 2000, the Information Technology industry reached an important milestone. For the first time, more than half (54%) of IT services purchased in North America were…

outsourced. A surprising feature of outsourcing is that its momentum is continuing even after the red-hot economy of the millennium has simmered down. The aim of these transformation efforts is to improve the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of the IT organization, while maintaining, and ultimately improving on, current processes and service levels. Whether it involves designing network infrastructure, setting up a help desk, rolling out a new messaging system, or building an on-line business application, outsourcing allows IT service expenses to grow in a more linear fashion than is possible by building up an all-purpose in-house IT staff.

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