Thesis: Information Terrorism in Public Administration

Sample Thesis Paper

Terrorists, by nature, adopt a chameleon strategy in order to camouflage themselves while exploiting a targeted surrounding. They are like wolves dressed in sheep wools while intermingling with their unsuspecting future preys. For instance, information terrorists are very hard to capture especially through force because not only are they properly disguised, but their apprehension may consequently harm the civilians surrounding them. Their operations are carried out by using gadgets from the simple ones like electronic equipment with devices that connect computers and telephone lines, to highly-advanced technologies like satellite communication systems that facilitate the transfer of electronic mail messages concealed in unrecognizable codes that are understandable only to them and their organization.

For this reason, it is important that the government always undertake constant investigation in countering the activities of information terrorists who are known to target organized information and software programs owned by “military, civilian, and commercial groups.” Failing to do so will hamper daily operations of the society that may disturb its peace. Once there is no peace, some civilians would think that their government is failing them and would therefore look for other means of survival. When an individual reaches a state of panic, they are easily taken out of a certain belief or intended course of action. This may cause a strong society to crumble and therefore can be easily penetrated by the terrorists (Devost et al., 1996, pp. 12).

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