Thesis: What is Informational Terrorism

Sample Thesis Paper

Information terrorism is a criminal activity which does not really elicit much response or public alarm unless one is directly affected by it. In fact, perhaps a majority of the general population is still completely unaware that there is such a thing as information terrorism which is capable of bringing about disorder, war or even poverty. Since the rise of internet technology, many people have experienced benefits of easy communication between countries. Unfortunately, internet warfare was one of the consequences which they programmers and lawmakers failed address when they decided to allow the full operation of cyber technology. Right now, the military, federal units, and the entire society are dealing with the criminal activities of terrorists who have been provided with much advantage in spreading coercive activities.

Information terrorism is a problem that is growing in importance due to the diffusion of information resources over the worldwide web and the expressed interests of terrorists to disrupt social cohesion.  Unfortunately, the problem has gone unsolved in both the public and private spheres.  At least part of this problem is that the concept has not yet been defined with a definition that has been universally accepted.  The proposed study will consist of a review of the American state of policy in regard to information terrorism and a survey analysis designed to assess public perceptions of the problem.  The benefit of the study will be to align public perceptions with policy definitions in an attempt to make the problem more understood and better controlled.

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