Thesis: Initial US Response Towards Tesco

Sample Thesis Paper

Tesco has been highlighting the relevance of its in-house labels for quite some time now. The company is taking its expansion into the US as an opportunity to take the availability of its in-house labels on the shelves to a higher degree. This can be inferred from the fact that 50% of the goods in the Tesco stores in the US shall be in-house labels. Almost all of these in-house labels have been received well by American consumers.

State of US economy with regard to the expansion

Certain respondents belonging to higher level management in Tesco responded that Tesco was prepared to record negative figures in its revenue streams from the US until 2013 on account of the economic recession. They also identified that Tesco would experience growth by the end of 2010 and would soon be on its way to report positive figures for its US operations.

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