Thesis: Initial Stages of World War One

Sample Thesis Paper

By the time the 1900’s saw dawn, Britain had become an undeniable global power with colonies covering almost a quarter of the world and immense inflows of revenues coming in from these colonies. Egypt, Australia, South Africa, Canada, India and New Zealand were part of the vast British Empire (Trueman, 2010).

The induction of these countries into the British Empire also meant that their armies were at the service of the Queen, giving Britain an exceptional degree of military strength (Trueman, 2010). What comes forth as a conclusion therefore is that that it was the formation of alliances and the expansive reach of these alliances across the globe that caused the imbalance of power to take place that eventually led to the First World War.

However, while this was the scenario that existed in 1914, it was a state of affairs that had come into place as a result of numerous developments over time. These developments went as far as the late 1870s. In 1879, the Dual Alliance took place between Germany and Austria-Hungary in an attempt to develop a protective shield against Russia (Historyonthenet, 2010).

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