Thesis: Integration of Information Technology into an Organization

Sample Thesis Paper

With regard to centralization and decentralization, the area most profoundly affected is that of control. With constantly increasing stress on quality management, the need for control becomes all the more imperative and Information Technology serves to provide a continuously evolving and developing platform from which quality control can be exercised.

By allowing time saving operations to be carried out, the integration of Information Technology into an organization allows responsibilities to be reassigned in a manner such that no repetition of actions takes place and each individual contributes to the maximum extent to the organization (O’Toole, Lawler, & Meisinger, 2007). This is brought about as the result of increased levels of communication between the hierarchy levels and their supervisory roles upon each other. Another implication in this regard is the fact that the saving of time and the productive assignment of tasks allows the organization to function on higher productivity levels while not having to rely on an expansive work force.

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