Thesis: Internal Strengths of Google and Microsoft

Sample Thesis Paper

Another internal strength is that relative to some of its competitors like Google and Microsoft, the company is in a better geographically diversified position which may help in its efforts to court new talent in new facilities set up by the company. Another of the important inner strengths of the company relates to its consistent popularity in the e-mail section of its market which has been able to maintain its place. That could be used as a launching point for further innovation, stressing this advantage of the company as well as its large executive customer base in the US.

The company has many internal weaknesses to its growth plans though (SWOT Analysis). RIM has a policy of getting fresh graduates through its co-op program and then slowly developing them and inculcating in them the RIM culture (Beamish). This approach is unfeasible if it wants to grow rapidly now.

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