Thesis: International Macro Economic Situation

Sample Thesis Paper

Before delving into the actual discussion, it is necessary to understand that the global economy exists by the very establishment of interdependency between the individual economies of the world. These economies more than often end up establishing an unofficial and unintentional base of operations in one region or the other, which in turn causes the that particular region to become the financial pulse of the stake holding economies. Any economy welcomes the prospect of foreign investment, but as the coming paragraphs shall elaborate, the excessive influx of foreign investment becomes a hazard for the economy into which the investment is being injected and if not properly supervised, the excessive foreign investment can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

The root factor which contributes to the international Macro Economic situation is more than often considered to be the nature of supply that sound and liquid financial assets hold. Needless to say, this aspect is more than often the subject of scarcity. In the perspective of the influence that the US economy had on the international scenario, the story goes slightly differently. In this particular perspective, the global insufficiency of liquid financial assets came out as the root cause for the development of asset bubbles Needless to say speculators who knew the cause for the formation of these asset bubbles also know the affect that was about to take place. The asset bubbles wore out and popped. The large influx of assets that had begun crashed.

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