Thesis: International Military Tribunal

Sample Thesis Paper

On a similar note, Giridhar (2011) described the expectations of translations in war crime tribunals, noting that while the right to translation has been established in international courts, the courts have also held that this is not an absolute right to the translation of documents.

Underscoring the critical role that accurate translation plays in matters of justice and in the execution of transparent and fair practices, Giridhar argued that the right to translation should be broadened to cover translation of any materials pertaining to the international defendant’s case and argued that the commitment to comprehensive translation can only confirm the integrity of the international court.  Takeda (2009) provided a case analysis of the role of translators in the International Military Tribunal for the Far East  (IMTFE) that operated from 1946 through 1948 to try Japanese defendants charged as war criminals, in an effort to illuminate questions of translator trust and integrity.  The researcher made the critical observation that in conditions necessitating the expertise of an interpreter and in which one party has greater power and control than another party, the powerful party to the discussion is in the position to select the interpreter.  This can create the appearance of conflict and in situations in which perceptions of fairness and justice are critical, as in the case of war crime investigations, it is imperative for those making the decision to acknowledge the importance of providing translation services that are unimpeachable.

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