Thesis: International Monetary Fund

Sample Thesis Paper

However, the situation can prove to be quite unpredictable at times. An example can be seen in the latter half of 2003 press release by the IMF which stated an optimistic outlook on the position on the global economy (Stewart). Based upon the analysis by Ricardo J. Caballero, Emmanuel Farhi and Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, global recession had begun to show signs of occurrence much earlier.

In their assessment, the IMF had taken into account the status of Wall Street and had concluded from its research that the dotcom crash had had its implications but change was on its way for the global economy in light of the lowered borrowing rates. The IMF concluded that this would allow organizations on the brink of bankruptcy to regain their ground in the market and acquire funds for investment towards revival. In its bi-annual Global Financial Stability Report, the IMF stated that: The improved balance sheet positions of corporations [have] placed them in a better position to contribute to the global economic recovery by increasing investment spending (Stewart). According to this report, assessment was also a part of this report, but an optimistic approach was taken that perceived the risk to be relatively lesser than the degree of risk that prevailed a few months back from the publication of the report. The report took into account the measure taken by central banks to cut down interest rates and even suggested that the rates are maintained at this low level for a few years to come.

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