Thesis: The use of Internet by Terrorists

Sample Thesis Paper

Next article titled “Why Terrorists Use the Internet” has provided yet another emphasis on how the convenient access provided by the internet has made way for information and cyber terrorists to carry out their criminal activities which are basically driven by five main goals:

  1. To publicize terrorist objectives on a regional and international level – people from different walks of life have taken advantage of the practicality of the internet whether for commercial or other purposes. In the case of information terrorists, it has become easier for them to cross boarders without having to spend on plane tickets and undergoing check points. Just one click of a button and the can already trigger an alarm that is capable of paralyzing normal systems operations for the next 24 hours.
  2. For the harassment and intimidation of authorities so that they may submit to the will of these terrorists – countering information terrorism is not for the faint hearted. One must always have presence of mind in order to outpace and outlast the intimidation of terrorists while at the same time securing the safety of infrastructures or individuals.
  3. To polarize the society in order to bring down the regime – information terrorism is indeed one of the most serious distractions which, whether or not results to actual violence, can surely cause unnecessary losses. Authorities must be quick in ascertaining civilians that they are capable of getting ahead of such criminal acts.
  4. To aggravate relations between states or nations – this is the reason why sound judgment and proper confirmation must be exercised in order to make sure that a certain information is indeed credible. Allowing subjective emotions to take over is an act of irresponsibility which must be avoided by both civilians and authorities.
  5. To free political prisoners and secure monetary ransoms to finance their cause – internet makes it easier for terrorists to blackmail the government in order to maintain their operations.

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