Thesis: Interpretations of Value Chain Management

Sample Thesis Paper

The entire data was extracted from the secondary research and the entire research states that value chain management is quite an effective procedure and the hypothesis is accepted. Although it depends from organization to organization and it varies with industry to industry. Thus, it can easily be interpreted that value chain analysis and value chain management is an essential attribute for every organization.

Through effective value chain management organizations acquire sustainable competitive advantage and they can easily satisfy their customers. In all the examples stated above the three organization revamped their value chains and they acquired a sustainable competitive advantage. Organizations must sort out a way who they can satisfy their customers, manage their value chains and differentiates their products. Wal-Mart employed a direct selling model and they eliminated their distributors and this strategy enhances their competitive advantage because Wal-Mart can save a heft amount of its variable cost and then transfers the cost to its customer and can easily increase the customer base. Similarly, Dell managed its value chain by directly selling the computers to the customers and this approach saves their time and customers become more loyal as Dell ensures value and quality at every step. Finally, Shaw industries managed its value chain and supply chain by amalgamating with suppliers and distributors. This enhances the presence of the organization and the organization gained a competitive edge over its competitors. Thus, organizations must translate their value chain activities into competitive advantage and they must focus on their value chains as value chain analysis is necessary for every organization. Value chain management would help the organization in both the short and the long run and if it is implemented in a proper manner then it can be very effective for the organization. Value chain management is the best approach and the analysis is a healthy element in diagnosing dysfunctionality among the stakeholders of the organization. Therefore, our secondary data allows us to accept the hypothesis that value chain management is essential for every organization.

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