Thesis: UN Intervention in Congo Crisis

Sample Thesis Paper

The UN intervened in the summer of 1960 upon the appeal of Prime Minister Lumumba. Lumumba, with the support of the UN, demanded that Belgian troops be withdrawn from Congolese regions. However, disagreement broke out between Lumumba and the UN mission upon Lumumba’s desire to use the UN troops to subdue the disarray in Katanga and the prohibition to intervene in internal affairs as dictated by the UN charter (Scherrer, 2002).

The Congolese government began to doubt Lumumba’s abilities and he was dismissed in September in the same year. However, Lumumba had grown in dominance across the region and was a figurehead to the regime in Stanleyville  (Nzongola-Ntalaja, 2007). He refused to be removed from his position and protested against his dismissal. The situation grew more complex when the parliament expressed their confidence in him. Nonetheless, Lumumba was placed under house arrest and was later killed in the custody of Katanga gendarmes and Belgian officers after being captured on his way to meet his supporters. Fighting between UN troops and the Katangese gendarmerie continued amidst highly controversial decisions and deaths of leaders.

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