Thesis: Interview Findings on Samsung and LG

Sample Thesis Paper

Even though Samsung had been operating in the international market for decades, Samsung identified the early 1990s as the time when it acquired its desired recognition in the International market. However, it is necessary to note that Samsung, in its original form, was an export based company.

LG also came into being as a strong company that chose to engage in operations that involved extensive engagement in selling to the international market. However, LG’s perception of its international presence was found to be similar to that of Samsungs since it was not until the mid 1990s that LG acquired the brand name from which it is now known across the globe.

Samsung identified its core competitiveness as its capability to bring innovative products and services to its consumers through joint ventures that allowed it to offer its consumers augmented products while LG identified its core competitiveness as its ability to develop products aligned with ever changing consumer demand. Therefore it was observed that Samsung finds its competitive advantage in its augmented products while LG finds its competitive advantage in technological innovation.

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