Thesis: Use of interviews for data collection

Sample Thesis Paper

The article does state their use of interviews as a data collection method. This method was a well informed choice as it fit the aims of the research and the qualitative research methodology. Despite this, information given on the interviews is limited to just the main topics addressed and the length of sessions. It is crucial to state the procedures for drafting interview questions and also detailing the specific questions. The same applies to explaining the form of relationships which existed between the interviewers and respondents, an element which was not addressed by the article. This allows room for analyzing any other factors which may have contributed to the respondent’s choice of response which greatly affects the research outcomes. Even though the data collected was in a way which served the overall purpose of the research, there was no indication of rigorous data analysis. The use of both primary and secondary data is evident in the article, with most of the research conducted through the use of primary data. Primary data with a combined use of literature sources further authenticates the research.

A significant part of research which was completely ignored in the article is the ethical considerations of the research methodology and implications. Unfortunately, the article does not indicate whether the respondents were well informed on the various aspects of the research and their involvement. There are no observable measures for consent or even the acknowledgement of any arising issues during the data collection process. It is crucial for the research to display how any claims for infringement of confidentiality of informed consent were handled. If these issues were absent, then how did this impact on the research?

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