Thesis: Introduction to Coca Cola as a Brand

Sample Thesis Paper

Coca Cola is amongst the few brands in the international market that continues to go unparalleled as new brands continue to enter the market. What is amazing about Coca Cola is that perhaps the very drink is not as strong as the intensity of its brand. It is not limited to the container in which it is sold but a part of subcultures around the world. The emblem of the brand can be found on wall clocks hung in houses to t-shirts worn to school. It is for the same reason that Coca Cola is considered to be an example of the power of a brand in its true essence (Bell 2003). Coca Cola has become a part of subcultures across the world by breaching through boundaries of custom and borders by becoming a part of custom itself.

In 1886, Coca Cola was not the carbonated soft drink that it is considered to be today. Back then in the late 1880’s, Coca Cola was a medicinal drink that was meant to relieve a person of minor woes such as headaches and the like. It steadily became a common place item at local pharmacies and its acceptance in the public grew steadily with time until it became one of the biggest brand names in the world (Kemp 2002).

The founding element of the strength that Coca Cola holds as a brand is the fact that the people on the helm who make sure that the production, marketing and distribution is perfect, are the very people who never perceive Coca Cola as a carbonated soft drink competing against other carbonated soft drinks but as an experience that people could share and practice with each other around the world. What began as a medicinal substance steadily evolved to the point where it is now considered to be a part of the identity of a large population of the world. It is no longer a soft drink anymore, now it has become a global phenomenon. In 2005 alone, Coca Cola ranked on top of the list of the world’s most valuable brands. The brand was recorded to amount to a staggering amount of over sixty seven billion dollars (BBC News 2005).

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